I was on WordPress Weekly!

Last Friday I had the immense pleasure of joining Jeff Chandler on WPTavern’s WordPress Weekly podcast along with WPShout‘s new owners, Fred and David of PressUp Inc.

It was my first time being on a WordPress podcast (and hopefully not my last!), and it was great fun — we chatted for 45 minutes about the history of the site, how it’s worked out for me, some of the lessons learned (spoiler — don’t publish irresponsibly) and what Fred and David have in store for the future of the site.

Jeff had the podcast set up through a live-streamed Google Hangout which did lose connection halfway through, but thanks to Jeff’s ninja-editing skills you’d never know. It was great fun recording and if you need your fix of WordPress news but in audio format, it’s well worth a listen.

Check out the interview over on WPTavern.

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Alex Denning

Hey, I’m Alex. I’m a 20-year-old blogger, student and social marketer, currently studying Politics at the University of Warwick. I've previously done things like found WPShout and work for Miniclip on their Community Team.

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